AMTRAK Injury Attorney

Passengers get injured on AMTRAK trains all of the time.  When they do, you need a personal injury attorney that knows what they are doing.  The proceedure for suing AMTRAK is complicated and must go through the Federal Courts.

Most personal injury attorneys’ do not handle matters in Federal Court and do not realize that AMTRAK must be sued in Federal Court.  You need attorneys’ that know what they are doing.  We have successfully collected millions of dollar from the Federal Government for injury cases.

Called Webb & Ord personal injury attorneys in connection with your AMTRAK injury case. We are located in Los Angeles, California and Hollywood, California.  We handle cases throughout California.

If I can help or guide you, call me, Eric Webb, at 323-462-3736 or email me at My firm has $30M+ in results: AMTRAK Injury Attorney.