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California Based Coast Guard Medical Malpractice Attorney

Sometimes you need a California based Coast Guard medical malpractice attorney. We have veterans on our team of lawyers that have served in the U.S. Military. We are proud of our service and privileged to be treated by military doctors and nurses at military hospitals to enhance the well-being of ourselves as well as the… Read more

California Navy Base Medical Malpractice Attorney

California is a great state to be stationed in and has many excellent military doctors.  However, sometimes you need California Navy Base Medical Malpractice Attorney.  We are here to help you. If you have been injured by a California Naval Base medical provider, a Navy doctor, a naval nurse or any medical personnel at a… Read more

California Navy Medical Malpractice Attorney | Naval Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you have been injured by a naval medical provider, a naval doctor, a naval nurse or any medical personnel at a navy hospital, contact the attorneys at Webb & Ord for a free, initial consultation on your case.  You may need a California Navy Medical Malpractice Attorney.  Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable about… Read more

California Army Medical Malpractice Attorney

All California military families have the right to equal levels of medical care same as civilians.  When a military medical professional fails to follow through in handling the delicate process with essential care up to necessary standards, it can result in a nightmare of problems that snowball for a life time.  That is when you… Read more

San Francisco VA Medical Malpractice And Surgical Errors Attorney

The faith we all naturally develop for our doctors as trained professionals comes from our vulnerability during such a sensitive time. Although our doctors may have skilled backgrounds and qualified credentials, surgical errors are not completely far-fetched. Almost everyone automatically exempts themselves and their loved ones from the idea of surgical accidents which in reality… Read more

Air Force Medical Malpractice Attorney

Having a possible medical malpractice claim can be one of the most traumatic events a family can go through.  When you see a doctor you put your trust and life in their hands.  When they make errors, they generally do not tell you and instead, they cease talking with you.  That is not right. The… Read more

AMTRAK Accident Attorney Los Angeles | Law Firm And Lawyer AMTRAK Injury

HAVE YOU BEEN INVOLVED IN AN AMTRAK TRAIN ACCIDENT IN CALIFORNIA? YOU NEED A FEDERAL COURT PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY. Being involved in an accident with an Amtrak train can be horrific, devastating and often deadly. There are many scenarios in which an accident can happen. Operator impairment, distraction, carelessness Equipment left on tracks by railroad… Read more

Military Police And FBI Dog Bite Attack Attorney

DOG BITE – ANIMAL ATTACK ATTORNEY INVOLVING MILITARY POLICE GUARD DOGS  There are close to 5 million incidents per year in the United States. Don’t downplay your “bite” even if its from your neighbor’s dog. Dog bites can be vicious animal attacks and in many cases, the victim suffers from: Immediate psychological trauma Severe physical… Read more

Military Base Accident Attorney And Law Firm

Federal Government Accident Lawyers — Webb & Ord Whether you were victim to minor injuries or severe/permanent damages, it is your right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit if you have suffered in an accident. Our law offices located in the Heart of Hollywood can help you obtain your entitlement to compensation. With over twenty… Read more

Travis AFB Car, Truck or Aircraft Injury Attorney

Have You Been Injured By Air Force Personnel From Travis AFB — Call Attorney Who Know How The Federal Tort Claims Act Works When you take into account the sheer number of vehicles the Air Force operates and maintains, the fact that there will be accidents is a mathematical certainty. That the fault, liability or… Read more