Category: Military Medical Malpractice

California Navy Base Medical Malpractice

California is a great state to be stationed in and has many excellent military doctors.  However, sometimes you need California Navy Base Medical Malpractice Attorney.  We are here to help you. If you have been injured by a California Naval

California Army Medical Malpractice

All California military families have the right to equal levels of medical care same as civilians.  When a military medical professional fails to follow through in handling the delicate process with essential care up to necessary standards, it can result

Military/Veteran medical malpractice claims are an uphill battle

Some of the highest courts in the land – the United States Supreme Court among them – will soon be hearing cases involving the niche area of military malpractice claims. Military physicians usually enjoy “sovereign immunity” (essentially making them immune

Brigadier General Suspended Over Suspected Military Medical Malpractice

The story of the latest military leader to be removed from command highlights the widespread problems with medical malpractice in the Military Health System. Worldwide, the Military Health System has 361 clinics and 56 hospitals serving 9.6 million beneficiaries. This

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