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Covid-19 Injury Lawsuits Los Angeles

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) is something new and scary, as it has infected millions and claimed the lives of many in the United States. While there are preventative measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus through proper hygiene, the spread of germs in society is inevitable. Unfortunately, not all businesses are practicing proper preventative measures further spreading the coronavirus, as a result we may start to see a rise in civil tort lawsuits regarding coronavirus related injuries and wrongful deaths. So the question that is posed now is “If I got the coronavirus from someone because they were negligent, do I have a lawsuit?” Depending on the circumstances, a coronavirus lawsuit could be initiated.

Elements Of A Coronavirus Injury Lawsuit In Los Angeles

In Civil tort law the duties of Civil the duties of individuals and businesses are imposed duties of to organize and carry out safety standards set by society.  Civil tort law is different from criminal law, because in civil tort law, a criminal offense does not have to be committed. In Civil tort law a person is held liable for damages done to a person out of malice or negligence.  Negligence occurs when a person breaches their duty to act carefully.  There are a few elements of negligence that include, duty of care, the breach of the duty, and causation. The breach must have been the legal proximate cause of the harm and there must damages that result from the negligence.

Contracting Corona Virus (Covid-19) as a Result of Neglect

When a person is harmed because of the negligence of another, they may be able to sue for damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Places like nursing homes, stores, places of public gatherings, and cruise ships, have already been hit with personal injury lawsuits and, other businesses such as hospitals, restaurants and, hotels could also face lawsuits as the spread of coronavirus continues. These personal injury lawsuits are a result of the failure to take all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Proper sanitation measures to stop the spread of the virus may not be taken in some businesses or preventative equipment may not be provided to employees. Worse yet, some businesses withhold information regarding possible exposure to coronavirus in order to keep their business from being closed and employees are going to work sick. The coronavirus is something new to our society and the law is developing on what standards of care must be followed. There are no guaranteed outcomes as it will be very hard to provide certain evidence and it is an ongoing process.

During this difficult time, get answers to all of your questions by contacting Webb and Ord Attorneys at Law if you feel that you or a family member has suffered injuries as a result of neglectfully being exposed to the coronavirus. We have qualified attorneys to assist you and establish that the defendant had a duty to act safely and did not do so, which then resulted in damages. Eric L. Webb, Esq. and Eleanor M. Ord, Esq. of Webb and Ord Attorneys at Law can be reached at (323) 462-3736, and are located in Hollywood, California but serve those in need all across the Country, call and obtain your free consultation.  Our attorneys have $50M+ in results.

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