Medical Malpractice At The Los Angeles VA Hospital

Visiting a doctor can be a stressful experience.  Because of constant budget pressure, the stress can be heightening when visit a VA facilately, such as the Los Angeles VA hospital.  I have received numerous calls from veterans there concerned about the quality of care that they receive and concerns over malpractice.  Many veterans do not realize that malpractice claims against VA hospitals are handled under the Federal Tort Claims Act and through the federal courts.

Often times, when you contact a local attorney, while they may be interested in your case, they do not understand the process for suing the government. Having been a Judge Advocate with the United States Air Force as well as the United States Army, I know how to handle such claims.

Another concern of course is that they often have a small window for filing the claim. So you will not want to delay calling an attorney. Many of my calls with potential clients take place only days after the suspected medical malpractice has occurred and a few have been while they are still at the hospital.

If I can help or guide, call me, Eric Webb, at 323-462-3736.

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