Military Aircraft Accidents In California

Unfortunately, Navy, Army and Air Force planes and helicopters sometimes crash into civilian areas and cause catostropic damage.  When that happens, is it now a personal injury or wrongful death case — what do you do when the military has caused you injury?

Most people do not realize that such claims are all handled under the Federal Tort Claims Act (the FTCA) and through the federal courts. Our attorneys and lawyers handle cases against the US Navy, US Army and US Air Force arising throughout California, including Edwards AFB, Naval Air Station San Diego, and Beale AFB.

Indeed, often times, however, when you contact a local attorney, while they may be interested in your case, they do not understand the process for suing the government. Having been a Judge Advocate with the United States Air Force as well as the United States Army, I know how to handle such claims.

Another concern of course is that they often have a small window for filing the claim under the FTCA. So you will not want to delay calling an attorney.

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