How the Federal Tort Claims Act (FCTA) Helps You

Federal Tort and Military Claims ActsThe Federal Tort Claims Act is a statute that all medical malpractice claims against the U.S. government must be filed under. It lets military personnel, veterans and military families who are victims of medical malpractice sue the appropriate government agency in federal court. The injuries have to have been the result of the negligence of a military doctor or other medical specialists that has happened in a military or VA hospital, or on a military base located in the U.S.

Under this act, you and your family members can be protected from the results of military medical malpractice. You have a chance to obtain compensation for the pain and suffering and related medical expenses you’ve encountered.

How the Military Claims Act (MCA) Helps You

The Military Claims Act is a statute put in place to supplement the FTCA in order to protect military personnel and military families who are victims of medical malpractice that occurs outside of the U.S. Like FTCA, it allows those medical malpractice victims the ability to sue the appropriate military agency for the medical negligence of its military doctors or medical specialists. This means you may be able to receive compensation from the government for the pain and suffering and related medical expenses you’ve endured.

Our Role in Your Military Medical Malpractice Claim

If you want to file a claim under the FTCA or MCA, you will need an experienced military medical malpractice attorney who is skilled at handling claims against the government, like those of Webb & Ord.

Our encompassing knowledge of the complex military legal system is crucial to your case’s success. This is especially true for claims under the MCA, considering you only have one chance to prove your claim to the government. If it is denied by the military, you cannot file your lawsuit.

We believe that you have every right to receive the finest legal representation possible, regardless of what geographical location your injury occurred. We stand behind each and every one of our clients who has fallen victim to the negligence of a military doctor or medical specialist. Let us protect your rights by successfully representing you in your medical malpractice case.

Protecting You and Your Family

Are you a veteran, military personnel or military family member who wants to learn about the type the protection you have when filing a medical malpractice claim against the government? Our federal tort claims act lawyers at Webb & Ord can help you.

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