Surgical Error Cases in Military and VA HospitalsWhen you go in for surgery, you expect to come out with broken bones healed and other medical conditions cured — not in more pain and at a bigger risk of losing your life than before the medical procedure.

Sadly, despite the improved procedures and well-equipped military hospitals available to veterans and military personnel and their families, surgical errors do happen.

If you or your loved one has suffered from a surgical error by a military doctor or medical specialist, Webb & Ord can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

When Surgery Goes Wrong, We Can Help

Forty combined years of experience that includes bringing medical malpractice claims against the government has put our skilled malpractice and negligence lawyers in the right position to assist you with obtaining compensation for the damages you have suffered due to an unnecessary surgical error.

While you may find it unnerving to file a claim against your military agency regarding your medical malpractice case, you should not have to endure the consequences of a negligent military doctor or medical specialist. We want to eliminate the apprehension you feel by offering our legal experience and unwavering attention to you during your time of need.

We’ve helped veterans and military personnel and their families throughout the U.S. and worldwide with medical malpractice claims involving surgical errors like:

  • Other instruments inside of the body, causing infection and internal damage
  • Removal of the wrong organ (i.e., a healthy kidney instead of the diseased kidney)
  • Nerve damage resulting in permanent loss of sensation, muscle weakness, tingling or sensitivity
  • Eye damage resulting in blindness
  • Anesthesia errors

Though associated risks of surgery always exist, they should not happen because of medical negligence. Contact Webb & Ord today if you believe your surgical error was a result of medical malpractice.

Have You Suffered a Military Surgical Error? | Call Webb & Ord Today

Are you a veteran, military personnel or military family member who has suffered a surgical error due to the result of a military doctor’s negligence? Our military hospital surgical errors attorneys at Webb & Ord can help you.

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