Wrongful Death Cases Against the MilitaryThough it may be impossible to describe the overwhelming emotions you feel when you lose a loved one, we want you to know that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Has your military spouse or a family member lost his or her life because of the negligence or malpractice of a military hospital or medical provider?

Webb & Ord is here for you. We understand that there is nothing that can be done to ease the pain of losing someone you love, but there is a way to reduce the financial burden of associated medical costs you have been left to handle.

We Are Here to Guide You

With 40 years of combined legal experience, our highly-trained wrongful death attorneys have the knowledge you need to bring a wrongful death claim against the government and the dedication that is crucial to obtaining the compensation you deserve.

When you’ve suffered a tragedy like this, you can expect our compassionate team to listen to your story, answer questions regarding the military legal processes around your claim and gather the information needed to create a strong case. This gives you time to grieve and to be with your family members when you need them the most.

Webb & Ord has handled wrongful death claims against military agencies that have included:

We understand that your loss is irrevocable, but we want you to know that you are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, lost income and medical expenses. We will fight for your rights.

Justice for Your Loved Ones

Are you an active military member or military personnel family member who wants to bring a wrongful death claim against the government? Our military medical malpractice and negligence lawyer at Webb & Ord can help you.

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