California Birth Injury Military Medical Malpractice Attorney

Birth injuires are the worst a new parent can experience.  When you find yourself a victim of military medical malpractice at a Naval Base in California, you need to call an expert.  Webb and Ord has $50M+ in results and know how to had such cases.


Medical malpractice cases against the Navy in California proceed in Federal Court and under the FTCA or Federal Tort Claims Act.  Very few attorneys know how to pursue such claims.  We do.  Birth Injuries At San Diego Naval Hospitals.

Webb and Ord will work hard for you and your family.  Call us at 323-462-3736.

We handle cases throughout California, including the following military hospitals as well as other military medical facilities:

Weed Army Community Hospital, Fort Irwin, CA

Presidio of Monterey, Monterey, CA

Naval Hospital, Lemoore, CA

Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA

Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, CA

David Grant USAF Medical Center, 60 Medical Group, Travis AFB, CA

95 Medical Group, Edwards AFB, CA

30 Medical Group, Vandenberg AFB, CA

9 Medical Group, Beale AFB, CA

61 Medical Group, Los Angeles AFB, CA

77 Medical Group, Mather AFB, CA

77 Medical Group, McClellan AFB, CA

750 Medical Squadron, Sunnyvale, CA

US Coast Guard Support Center Clinic, Coast Guard Island, Alameda, CA

US Coast Guard Training Center Clinic, Petaluma, CA

US Coast Guard Support Center Clinic, San Pedro, CA

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