San Francisco VA Medical Malpractice And Surgical Errors

The faith we all naturally develop for our doctors as trained professionals comes from our vulnerability during such a sensitive time. Although our doctors may have skilled backgrounds and qualified credentials, surgical errors are not completely far-fetched. Almost everyone automatically exempts themselves and their loved ones from the idea of surgical accidents which in reality amount everyday.

Surgical error statistics:
• 20% result from tech/system errors
• 74% result from experienced surgeons
• 83% occur during routine instead of advanced operations

Studies show that almost 40% of surgical errors result in disabilities with roughly 23% ending in death. As all surgeries bear the natural threat of error, inefficiency from the surgeon and/or medical team significantly raises the likelihood of surgical errors.

Foundations for surgical error:
• Negligence
• Anesthesia complications
• Fatigue
• Inaccurate procedure timing
• Unsterilized equipment
• Site prep
• Unintended objects left behind in surgical areas

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